Windrush Energy, owned and operated by local Ontario residents, has been
developing Ontario Feed-in Tariff renewable wind projects since 2003.

To-day, a single wind turbine can generate enough electricity to power 1,200 homes, eliminating 2,500
tonnes of CO2 emissions by replacing carbon based generation, the same as planting 10,000 trees

For information on current projects under development with affiliates:

check mark Grand Valley Wind Farms   60.8 MW
check mark Skyway 8 Wind Energy     9.0 MW www.capstoneinfrastructure.ca
check mark Skyway 9 Wind Energy 200.0 MW www.patternenergy.com
check mark Skyway 126 Wind Energy   10.0 MW www.windworkspower.com
check mark Skyway 127 Wind Energy 100 MW Tennant Energy, LLC, California & GE Energy, LLC, New  York, USA

grand valley turbines